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Urbon Company has for long time focused on international truck transport, especially in the European Union. Thanks to experiences related to the international transport we can now specialize to new branch.

These days is online shopping very modern and favourite way of selling high-quality goods for a reasonable price. That is why we decided to open  an eShop with quality furnity for more favourable prices than the currently prices on the market.

We start again our eShop  on the since 6.6.2016. We offer to customers only verified furniture of a good quality from reliable and very skilfull suppliers. Currently offer contains lounge suites – couch, ottoman, sofa packages. We also offer dining room, bedroom, kitchen sets, office equipment, garden furniture and of course some modern accessory for your flat. Offered products are mostly delivered by our own transportation. We also thank our suppliers and we are looking forward to cooperation on the African continent, which presumably will be since 1.8.2016.

Besides this business in the European Union is our next important goal expanding our business activities in Africa. To achieve this goal we are looking for partners, whom we are offering the opportunity to take a part in our projects (e.g. Start-up) and build the image of not just economically actvive, but also social resposible businessman in the West Africa.